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Challenge yourself in this simple and fun puzzle

Think, click and transform!

The challenge is simple: flip the cells in the bottom grid to copy the top one. But when you flip a cell, all cells around also flip!

Smart Turns 2 is a simple game, but it'll make you think a lot. If you like challenges you'll like Smart Turns.


  • 2 game modes:
    • Classic: a more peaceful mode. Here you learn how to play and peacefully beat the levels without much struggling. This mode is for the ones who wants to understand the game. You have extra moves and 3 lives (which regenerates after some time).
    • Challenge: this is only for the braves. Here you can challenge yourself and see how far you can go into the levels. 3 lives! No extra moves! You can cheat undoing a move or earning a live every 5 levels, but in the end, it's just you, your brain and the puzzles, being harder every step.
  • 108 Classic levels
  • Infinite Challenge levels
  • 60 Color Themes
  • Scoreboard
  • Achievements

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